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The Most Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Long Island, New York

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The Most Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Long Island, New York

Long Island’s streets should be a haven for leisurely walks, not a battleground for pedestrians. Yet, the harsh reality is that our roads remain a dangerous landscape for those venturing out on foot. This tragedy is not confined to a specific season, but rather a persistent issue demanding constant attention.

The recent loss of nearly two dozen pedestrians in August, as reported by WSHU, is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of those who choose to walk. This figure adds to the grim statistics, with Good Samaritan Hospital alone treating over 500 struck pedestrians since 2019. Each number represents a life shattered, a family devastated, and a community forever changed.

Jennifer’s story, shared in the WSHU article, exemplifies the devastating consequences of recklessness. She survived a life-altering injury while walking to the park with her friend when she was struck by a truck head-on. Accidents like this serve as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the irreversible damage caused by pedestrian accidents.

For those who have faced the unthinkable, who have been struck and injured while simply walking, the path forward can be laden with physical pain, emotional turmoil, and a host of challenges. In this blog post, an experienced Long Island pedestrian accident lawyer will delve into the most common pedestrian accident injuries sustained in these types of accidents, offering insights and guidance to help you navigate the aftermath of such a traumatic event.

If you or a loved one has been injured, know that you are not alone. The Harrison Law Group is more than a legal firm; we are a dedicated team committed to standing by your side, offering both professional advice and compassionate support. Contact us at (631) 465-9797 to schedule your free consultation and strategy session.

We recognize the importance of your voice in seeking justice. Our firm is committed to advocating for your rights and ensuring your story is heard.

A Closer Look at the Pain: Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

The impact of a motor vehicle can inflict a wide range of injuries on pedestrians, some visible and immediate, others more insidious and long-lasting. Here’s a glimpse into the most common pedestrian injuries from car accidents:

  • Head Injuries: The human head is incredibly sensitive, and any impact can have severe repercussions. Concussions, skull fractures, and even brain damage are all too frequent outcomes of pedestrian accidents. The effects can be debilitating, ranging from memory loss and dizziness to permanent cognitive impairments.
  • Internal Injuries: Internal injuries can be difficult to diagnose, as the victim may not exhibit symptoms right away. These injuries affect the organs inside the body, such as the liver, spleen, or kidneys. In some cases, these injuries can be fatal. The victims may need surgery, hospitalization, and long-term treatment.
  • Broken Bones: The force of a collision can easily shatter bones, especially in the legs, arms, and ribs. These injuries often require surgery and months of rehabilitation, causing significant pain and disruption to daily life.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: While invisible to the naked eye, soft tissue injuries like sprains, strains, and whiplash can be incredibly painful and debilitating. These injuries can limit mobility and cause chronic pain, impacting an individual’s ability to work and enjoy everyday activities.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Spinal cord injuries occur when the spinal cord is damaged, usually due to trauma from the impact of a vehicle. These injuries can have lifelong consequences, such as chronic pain, paralysis, or even death. Depending on the severity of the injury, rehab, and surgery may be necessary.
  • Road Rash: Road rash is a type of injury resulting from friction burns when the victim is dragged across the pavement. This injury can result in excruciating pain, severe skin damage, and scarring. In severe cases, nerve damage and infections can occur.
  • Psychological Injuries: Along with physical injuries, the trauma of a pedestrian accident can leave deep emotional scars. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression are common struggles for victims, requiring ongoing therapy and support.

Factors Affecting Injury Severity

The severity of injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident can be influenced by a variety of factors. Understanding these can not only provide insights into the nature of the injuries but also help in framing the legal aspects of a compensation claim:

  • The Speed of the Vehicle: The faster a vehicle is moving at the time of impact, the greater the force exerted on the pedestrian. High-speed collisions often result in more serious injuries, which can be a critical factor in legal claims. Courts and insurance companies may consider the speed of the vehicle as an indicator of the driver’s negligence.
  • The Point of Impact: Injuries vary significantly depending on where the pedestrian is hit. A direct hit to the head or torso can cause more severe injuries compared to other points of impact. In legal terms, the nature and location of injuries can influence the amount of compensation, especially if it leads to long-term or permanent disabilities.
  • The Age of the Victim: Age plays a crucial role in how the body responds to an accident. Older adults, for instance, are more susceptible to sustaining serious injuries such as broken bones due to decreased bone density. In legal proceedings, the age of the victim can be a factor in determining the extent of physical and emotional impact, and consequently, the compensation awarded.

Understanding these factors is essential not only for medical diagnosis and treatment but also for building a comprehensive legal case. They provide context to the severity of the injuries and the level of negligence involved. When pursuing a legal claim, your attorney will consider these factors to ensure that all aspects of your injury and its impact on your life are taken into account for fair compensation.

Seeking Compensation for Injuries

In the aftermath of a pedestrian accident, the journey to recovery can be fraught with challenges. Beyond the immediate physical pain and emotional distress, the financial burden of medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses can feel overwhelming. It’s important to understand that as a victim, you have rights, and seeking compensation is not only about financial relief but also about justice and accountability.

Understanding Your Right to Compensation

When you’re injured as a pedestrian due to the negligence of a motorist, you’re entitled to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. This compensation can cover various aspects, including:

  • Medical Expenses: This includes not only your current medical bills but also anticipated future medical expenses related to your injury.
  • Lost Wages: If your injuries prevent you from working, compensation can cover lost income and diminished earning capacity.
  • Pain and Suffering: This encompasses the physical pain and emotional distress you’ve endured because of the accident.
  • Loss of Quality of Life: In cases of severe injuries, you may be compensated for the loss of enjoyment in life and any permanent disabilities or disfigurements.

The Role of Legal Representation

Navigating the legal landscape can be complex, especially when dealing with insurance companies that are often more focused on protecting their profits than providing fair compensation. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer can be invaluable in these situations. They can help you:

  • Understand Your Legal Options: A lawyer can explain the legal process and what types of compensation you may be eligible for.
  • Gather Necessary Evidence: From police reports to medical records, a lawyer will help compile the evidence needed to build a strong case.
  • Negotiate with Insurance Companies: Lawyers are skilled in negotiating with insurance companies to ensure you receive a fair settlement.
  • Represent You in Court: If a fair settlement cannot be reached, your lawyer will be prepared to take your case to court to fight for your rights.

Taking the First Step

The first step in seeking compensation is to consult with a knowledgeable Long Island personal injury lawyer. During this consultation, you can discuss the specifics of your case, and the lawyer can provide you with an understanding of what to expect moving forward. Remember, time is of the essence, as there are statutory deadlines for filing personal injury claims.

Your Journey to Justice

At the Harrison Law Group, we understand that compensation is a crucial part of your healing journey. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process with empathy and expertise. We are committed to securing the compensation you deserve, so you can focus on what truly matters – your recovery and well-being.

For a partner in your fight for justice, contact the Harrison Law Group at (631) 465-9797 for a free consultation or if more convenient, fill out our online contact form. Let us help you turn a page towards recovery and closure.

Flexibility is key in our service; we offer appointments at your convenience, including evenings and weekends, and are equipped to meet with you in person or virtually. And before you leave, don’t miss out on our FREE personal injury claims quiz. It’s designed to give you an insight into the potential strength of your claim. Click here to get started.

Choose Harrison Law Group for thorough, professional legal guidance, and let us be your voice in this crucial time.

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