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The following are examples of the matters handled by the firm. Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case, not all results are provided; and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (8)
  • Slip and Fall Accidents (7)
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  • Pedestrian Accidents (1)
  • Premises Liability (1)


41 Year Old Who Slipped And Fell

41-year-old who slipped and fell inside the showroom of a car dealership on a puddle of water, while it was raining. They sustained a displaced fracture of the right patella and underwent an open reduction/internal...

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50 Year Old Office Worker

50-year-old office worker, with a history of headaches and vertigo, who had a sign fall on their head while at the deli counter of a regional supermarket. Suffered blurred vision with exacerbated headaches and vertigo.

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88 Year Old Retiree

88-year-old retiree, who tripped and fell on a pile of concrete in the parking lot of a car dealership. They sustained multiple closed rib fractures.

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56 Year Old Delivery Driver

56-year-old delivery driver, involved in a work related motor vehicle accident, with a history of two prior motor vehicle accidents with injuries. She aggravated and reinjured her neck, requiring a cervical discectomy and fusion and...

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61 Year Old Self Employed

61-year-old, self-employed doing large equipment repairs, with a history of shoulder injuries, who was involved in a rear-end motor vehicle accident. They sustained a rotator cuff tear and underwent right shoulder arthroscopic surgery.

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50 Year Old Home Health Aide

50-year-old home health aide, working at a patient’s home when they were caused to slip and fall on snow and ice that was not cleared away. The fall caused multiple tears in the left shoulder...

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61 Year Old Administrative Assistant

61-year-old administrative assistant for a physician’s office, who slipped and fell down the interior steps of a coach bus. They underwent a Lumbar laminectomy and fusion and then a subsequent re-exploration of fusion, removal of...

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47 Year Old Administrative Assistant

47-year-old administrative assistant who was a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle, as they were walking out of a parking garage. They suffered a left knee tibial plateau fracture which necessitated an Open Reduction Internal...

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49 Year Old School Bus Driver

49-year-old school bus driver involved in a motor vehicle accident where the Defendant ran a red light. They sustained multiple tears in her left elbow necessitating two (2) elbow surgeries. Total policy limits were $300,000.

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43 Year Old Who Slipped And Fell

43-year-old, who slipped and fell on black ice in a hospital parking lot. They sustained tears in the bilateral shoulders necessitating two right shoulder arthroscopic surgeries and two left shoulder arthroscopic surgeries. Prior injury and...

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51 Year Old Delivery Driver

51-year-old, delivery driver for a newspaper company, who underwent a Posterolateral Lumbar Fusion with Discectomy & Laminectomy and was out of work for over a year and a half, due to injuries sustained in a...

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53 Year Old Truck Driver

53-year-old truck driver for Boars Head who was involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained soft tissue injuries to the neck and back with a recommendation for surgery.

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70 Year Old Widowed

70-year-old widowed, school cafeteria worker, who fractured the left wrist while walking on a broken sidewalk in a municipal village/town in Suffolk County during holiday break.

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