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Long Island Car Accident Lawyers

Our Experienced and Knowledgeable Long Island Car Accident Attorney Team with Offices in Melville and Elmhurst Helps Individuals and Families Who Have Been in Car Accidents in New York. We are Committed To Protecting the Rights of Injured Long Island Residents, Seeking Fair and Appropriate Compensation for Their Injuries Caused by the Carelessness of Others. We Understand You Want and Need To Be Heard. We Serve as Your Voice and Expression.

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Long Island Car Accident Lawyers | Harrison Law Group, P.C.

Car Accident Attorneys Defend Victims Injured in Car Accidents in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, and Throughout Long Island

Even after serious car accidents, insurance companies will do everything to avoid paying victims or pay the least amount they can. If you have been in an auto collision here on Long Island, we encourage you to contact a New York car accident lawyer as soon as you can.

For one, the question of who is responsible for the accident or personal injury can be difficult to prove unless you take action immediately after the accident. You also have to file reports, collect statements from a doctor, gather witness statements, and complete many more critical steps you may not be able to do after the accident.

In such a case, having a car accident attorney on Long Island can remove much of the burden. An accident lawyer also handles negotiations on your behalf, protecting you from insurance companies that may seek to short-change you.

Have an Experienced and Committed Car Accident Lawyer Fighting for You on Long Island, New York

New York City is home to over 8.3 million people. Unsurprisingly, it has congested roads with some of the highest traffic in the country. Jam-packed roads often lead to traffic accidents, and many New York City residents experience collisions every day.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. You need highly-experienced and knowledgeable car accident lawyers representing Long Island, Suffolk County, and Nassau County fighting for you. The skilled car accident lawyers at Harrison Law Group are ready to help you fight for your right to compensation. Contact us today to schedule your free initial case consultation and strategy session.

Why Hire a New York Car Accident Lawyer

The City of New York experiences an average of 624 accidents every day according to recent statistics—that’s 26 accidents every hour! These reported cases are serious, involving an injury, death, or more than $1,000 of damage.

You May Be Susceptible To a Lawsuit Following a Car Accident on Long Island Even If It Was Not Your Fault

One consequence of this is that there is always the chance the other party could bring a personal injury suit against you. Insurance companies don’t always act in good faith, even when the fault is clearly established.

As such, always consult a car accident lawyer as soon as you can after the accident. At Harrison Law Group, P.C., we have served The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island, NY, for over 30 years. Our partners have amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area that can help you create a strong claim.

We Can Seek Compensation for Your Medical Treatment, Pain and Suffering, and Your Increased Cost of Living Following Injuries From Your Accident

We don’t just protect you from being wrongfully blamed; we can also seek financial compensation for your injuries and damages. A serious car accident often leads to pain and suffering, both physical and mental, requiring expensive medical expenses and increasing the cost of living.

You May Need to Seek Compensation for Lost Wages and Reduced Quality of Life

In addition, car accident victims commonly lose income from their jobs and businesses in the short and often in the long term. By fighting for your right to compensation, we help ensure you have the funds to regain a reasonable quality of life despite your injuries and suffering.

Our committed law firm is here to help you return to a healthy physical condition so you can pursue a happy and productive lifestyle following an unfortunate accident. To the extent that may not be possible due to the nature of your injuries, we will account for these losses you have suffered in terms of the damages we seek on your behalf. We understand you have been wronged through another’s carelessness, and we are here to be your voice.

You Shouldn’t Try To Handle a Long Island Car Accident Case Yourself

However, filing a car accident claim against insurance companies is not easy. Insurance providers are large entities with entire teams of lawyers behind them, so representing yourself in a car accident claim might be difficult or unfruitful.

Understand the people you would encounter throughout the claims process pursue the interests of their employers every day in response to claims like yours. These corporations are known for bullying accident victims and offering them lowball settlement offers to save money.

However, with a team like ours, we dedicate hours of research, evidence collection, and investigation to build a strong case. Unlike many other law firms, we have and aren’t afraid to use any resources needed to hire experts, private investigators, and anything else needed for your case.

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First Things to Do Following a Car Accident

A car accident can be a terrifying experience. Trying to figure out what to do after being injured in a car accident may seem overwhelming. If you have sustained an injury in a New York City car accident, there are certain things you can do to protect yourself and the right to compensation, such as:

  • Stop your vehicle and move it to the side of the road if it is safe.
  • Keep your flashing emergency lights on and call the police, even with no serious injuries. You may need a copy of the police report to file a claim with your insurance company.
  • When the police arrive, tell the investigating officers what happened. Do not try to answer the question if you do not know specific facts. Instead, say you do not know. If anyone asks if you are injured, and you are unsure whether you were injured, say you are unsure. The injuries incurred from motor vehicle accidents may not become apparent until hours afterward.
  • Use your cell phone to take photos of the accident, including the vehicles and any other visible damage. If you have visible injuries, take photographs of your injuries. Do not interfere with the ongoing police investigation; only take photos if it is safe.
  • Retain the other driver’s license plate number and insurance card info: When a police officer comes to the scene, they will gather everyone’s information, including the police report. You can request to see the other driver’s insurance card. You would benefit from writing down their license plate number. Share this information with your attorney.
  • Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. Additional details can wait, as your attorney will help you with your claim and manage communications and negotiations with the insurance company. The terms of many insurance policies require promptly reporting an accident to them, which is very important to protect your eventual claim.
  • Seek medical attention by going to the emergency room or undergoing a thorough medical examination. Make sure you report all of your symptoms and all of the pain you are experiencing to your doctor.
  • Contacting an attorney is one critical step you should take after a car accident in New York. Your lawyer will protect your rights, negotiate with the insurance company, and help you seek the highest appropriate compensation for your injury expenses and other related damages.

How to Help Build a Strong Car Accident Claim in New York

Even though a car accident lawyer is responsible for building a solid case, your actions can make or break the case. One crucial thing you need to do is take evidence immediately after the crash if you are in a position to do that. 

We recommend that you:

  • Take photos and videos of the scene
  • Listen to and record witness statements at the scene
  • Take down the contact information of any witnesses at the scene
  • Report to the police and keep a copy of the report
  • Keep all medical and insurance records
  • Keep all receipts, invoices, and other related financial documents

These records help to preserve the truth. As time passes and memory fades, accounts from several perspectives can become twisted. Even the party at fault can change their statement or cave into the demands of their insurance agents.

If You May Have Contributed To Causing a Car Collision in New York

You can still seek compensation for your injuries or damages even if you are partially at fault, though you will be pursuing a smaller check. Discuss this issue with your attorney — not with your insurance company. Do not admit fault, whether when interacting with the other driver or the police at the scene or when talking with the insurance company to report the accident.

Common Types of Auto Accidents That An Experienced Long Island Car Accident Lawyer Can Handle On Your Behalf

Some severe accidents require hospitalizations, surgeries, and reconstruction before recovery can be complete. The accident claim often reaches tens of millions of dollars in these cases. 

Some serious accidents we have dealt with include:

  • Head-On Collisions — When these occur at high speed, they usually cause head trauma, neck injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, and many others.
  • T-Bone Collisions — When a car is hit broadside, the proximity to the passengers often leads to catastrophic injuries.
  • Impact injuries — These occur when a passenger strikes the dashboard, steering wheel, headrest, windshield, or other parts of the vehicle. Whiplash, head trauma, broken bones, and injury to internal organs are some of the common injuries from car accidents we see.
  • Penetration accidents — Open injuries such as cuts, lacerations, or punctures by metal and glass are also common, causing serious and painful wounds.
  • Rollovers — A rollover can occur for many reasons, but it is often a severe crash. Whiplash, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis are almost always the consequence.
  • Rear-End Collisions — At high speeds, rear injuries can cause whiplash and impact injuries.

Sometimes, a car can roll over or collide with another, but a fault with the car exacerbates the problem. For example, failure of an airbag to deflate, seat belt to tighten, or brake failure, all of which are grounds to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer as well.

Other car accident cases we regularly handle include:

You are likely facing significant medical expenses, and our law firm can help you seek compensation for medical treatment following a Long Island car accident. Our car accident attorneys can help you account for the full scope of your injuries and expenses that may not be immediately apparent, but can become financially devastating in the long term.

Car Rentals and Vehicle Repair or Replacement Following an Accident

You may be looking at significant vehicle repair or replacement costs. The insurance company may determine that your car was totaled. In either circumstance, you would be without your regular vehicle for some time and may need to rent a car until you can access your vehicle again. These expenses all need to be accounted for in your damages.

Will Your Injury Require You To Pay For Additional Services in the Long Term?

Suppose you have suffered a significant injury that will affect your ability to pursue particular activities or fulfill responsibilities. In that case, you may need to hire other people to perform services on your behalf. For example, perhaps you can no longer clean and maintain your house after you sustained an injury in an accident, so you must hire a maid to clean for you a couple of times a month.

It would be a long-term added expense that you would incur due to the injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Such expenses should be included in the compensation you pursue for damages. Otherwise, you would pay significantly more each year for services you would typically perform yourself, which can strain budgets and lead to other opportunity costs for you and your family.

Noneconomic Damages Following a Car Accident

Whereas many of the damages you would seek following an accident or injury are to compensate for the monetary expenses (known as economic damages) related to medical bills, physical therapy, and damage to your vehicle, it is essential to account for your losses that are more experiential and related to your quality of life following your injury.

An experienced Long Island car accident lawyer can help you determine fair and appropriate monetary compensation for these noneconomic damages, including pain and suffering from the accident and reduced enjoyment of life due to activities you can no longer participate in. Punitive damages and loss of affection or companionship (or “loss of consortium”) are other examples of noneconomic damages that may factor into the compensation you should seek following an accident.

If Your Loved One Was Killed in a Long Island Car Accident

If you have lost a loved one in a car accident, you may also be eligible to file a wrongful death claim against the party at fault and their insurance company. Wrongful death claims can only be brought by the family of the person killed in a car accident.

In such cases, you must be aware of the statute of limitations, and it is vital to begin collecting evidence immediately. You would have two years from the date of the decedent’s death to file a wrongful death claim in New York, but you should not delay talking to an experienced attorney until the deadline begins to near.

As with other car accident cases, you should discuss these details immediately with an attorney to identify your legal strategy and start your first steps.

Accidents Involving Other Types of Vehicles on Long Island

We can also help injury victims who have been involved in another type of motor vehicle accident caused by another party’s negligence. If your accident involved a commercial vehicle, a bus, a taxi, a rideshare service (Lyft or Uber), or a large truck, there are additional significant factors or parties to consider throughout your case.

Every Car Accident Case Is Unique, and Assessing The Different Factors May Reveal Evidence Supporting Your Case

It is always worth consulting our experienced car accident attorneys at Harrison Law Group, P.C., to review your case and give our professional opinion about a car accident in New York — even if you are unsure of who is at fault. Our established Long Island personal injury law firm is your resource for legal guidance when accidents happen and can walk you through the steps to pursue an insurance claim on your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

What To Do If The Insurance Settlement Does Not Cover All of Your Damages from a Long Island Car Crash

If it is required to recover appropriate compensation for the high medical costs associated with your car accident injuries, lost wages, and other damages, we may pursue a personal injury case in the form of a civil lawsuit when car accident cases meet the necessary criteria. Our experienced injury attorneys can assess the factors and circumstances of your unique case during your free consultation.

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“Comparative Fault” Law in New York City Car Accidents

The State of New York abides by comparative fault rules. That means anyone contributing to the accident is liable for it and any injuries caused by the crash.

Some of the common faults that cause accidents include:

Sometimes, even the state might be partly at fault if roads and other structures contributed to the accident.

Seeking Compensation: For Which Losses Can I Claim Compensation After an Auto Wreck?

It is impossible at the beginning to estimate the total settlement amount you will receive. Several factors go into your settlement amount, including the severity of your injuries, the defendant’s liability, and the insurance company’s actions. 

However, a rough guideline for determining your settlement amount would be approximately three times the cost of your medical bills. Insurance companies and courts consider the following when determining settlement offers:

  • The length of your therapy
  • Your injury type
  • The severity of the car accident
  • Your medical treatment plan

What Factors Affect the Terms of NY Car Accident Settlements?

Many different factors affect a car accident case. If the case is clear-cut and the plaintiff has proof of the defendant’s negligence, the plaintiff is in a better position. However, if there are legitimate questions about who caused the accident, the case could be negatively affected.

Don’t Underestimate The Scope of Your Injuries or Expenses Following an Accident

Typically, the more severe and permanent your injury, the more compensation you need during the settlement process. At Harrison Law Group, our Long Island law firm’s car accident attorney team works with experts to accurately estimate all of the expenses you will endure from your injury in the future. We negotiate aggressively with the insurance company so you can seek the maximum fair and appropriate compensation.

Will My Car Accident Case Involve a Lawsuit Against the Careless Driver Who Caused the Car Collision?

In many circumstances, car accident cases also involve personal injury lawsuits in addition to negotiations for a fair settlement from the insurance provider. You have legal rights under personal injury law, and we can explore your options for a lawsuit to seek the remainder of the compensation you need. While we will adjust as your case proceeds, we can account for many factors in your case during your free initial consultation.

On Average, How Long Do Car Accident Lawsuits Take in New York?

Personal injury cases involving car collisions can vary widely in duration, taking from four months to even as many as five years to settle. In some cases, it is possible to settle in seven weeks, but this is not common. There needs to be an investigation into the car crash, and there will also be a negotiation process. If the insurance company refuses to act ethically, the plaintiff may need to take them to court, which adds more time to the process.

What is the Statutory Deadline to File a Car Crash Lawsuit in New York?

The statute of limitations for car accidents in New York is three years. If you have suffered a personal injury in a Long Island car accident, you only have three years from the date of the car accident to file a personal injury lawsuit against the defendant.

Do not delay; you and your attorney will need to research, collect evidence, and pursue your insurance claim before proceeding with a lawsuit following a car accident in New York. Coordinate with your attorney to file well before the two-year deadline.

Consult A Qualified New York Car Accident Lawyer During A Free Consultation and Strategy Session Today

At Harrison Law Group, our legal team has spent decades advocating tirelessly for car accident victims in Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and throughout Long Island. We are deeply familiar with the frustrations, personal injuries, lost wages, property damage in the form of vehicle repair or replacement, and medical bills in the aftermath of a car collision caused by a negligent driver, and are ready and willing to help you maximize your financial recovery.

We want to help you seek the maximum compensation that may be available to you. Our law firm will manage the conversation with the insurance provider for our clients, and we aggressively pursue a personal injury claim when it is appropriate for your Long Island car accident case.

If an accident happened to you at no fault of your own, or if you may have been partially at fault, contact our Long Island law firm today to schedule your free initial case consultation and strategy session to learn more about how we can advocate for you. Our veteran team of car accident lawyers at Harrison Law Group, P.C. are perfectly suited to handle your case. 

Even better, we only get paid when you do—even your first consultation is completely free. That gives us the incentive to work for your interests and ensure you seek the maximum possible appropriate compensation.

If you or a loved one have been in a serious car accident, contact us immediately by calling (631) 465-9797 so we can help you seek the compensation you need.

We understand you need to be heard, and we are prepared to listen, guide you, and be your voice — The Harrison Law Group, P.C.

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Why Choose The Harrison Law Group, P.C.?

For over 30 years, The Harrison Law Group, P.C.’s ability, and desire to actively listen to you and deeply understand your experiences has set us apart. We aggressively pursue fair and appropriate compensation for our clients who have been injured in New York.

  • We listen because we care about your recovery and maintain consistent, clear communication to effectively express your voice on your behalf.
  • We relieve the pressure so you can exhale — while we inhale your case details and engage with the insurance company.
  • We’re not casual about your case or your representation; we are intentional and strategic, based on your needs and our experience. 
  • We don’t stop when we’re tired. We stop when the job is done.

You get better. We’ll take care of the rest.

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What is Personal Injury?

If you’re injured as a result of a negligent third party, you may be entitled to compensation due to the damages you’ve experienced — either directly through the responsible party or their insurance company. An experienced New York personal injury lawyer will focus on tort law while seeking economic and non-economic damages for their clients — whether or not the target is a multi-million dollar award.

Personal injuries are classified as injuries to the body, mind, and emotions of an individual. When you suffer an injury because of another party, you experience turmoil, and your quality of life will change. Some victims experience loss of enjoyment of life, and even depression.

It’s important to speak with mindful attorneys who have the wisdom to handle your case effectively. Personal injury suits are filed against individuals or entities that cause harm due to recklessness, negligence, misconduct, or liability.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our attorneys and staff are competent, compassionate, and committed to seeking the maximum fair and appropriate compensation for all of our clients. We fight to win, not to quickly settle and move on to the next case. Our firm will make sure that you are properly advised of all of your options while giving you the proper legal advice to make the right decision for yourself and your family. We are willing to go above and beyond to meet your expectations, whether it’s meeting with you after hours, on the weekends, at your home, in the hospital, or at the office. We will make ourselves available for you 24/7.

Immediate Action

We understand the immediate concerns you will have, which include paying your bills, traveling to and from work and doctors’ appointments, and taking care of your daily responsibilities. We want you to know that here at The Harrison Law Group we understand and can help. We will take immediate action on your case and begin to work as soon as we are retained.

A Commitment to Excellence & Solutions For You

Our reputation is built on a record of attentiveness and diligence in pursuit of our clients’ interests. We fight hard for all of our clients with outstanding creative approaches and individualized solutions in personal injury and accident cases to seek the maximum fair and appropriate compensation. Time after time, The Harrison Law Group, P.C. has taken cases that other attorneys either wanted to drop or would have settled for small amounts, and we turned them into million-dollar cases. We have been dedicated to Personal Injury and helping our clients pursue justice for over 30 years.

Constant Communication

Our office sets itself apart because we do not only return phone calls; we call our clients at least every 30 days to provide a status update on your case — and if there is no update, we call to see how you are doing. Happy clients are informed clients, and we are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. We are available 24/7 to all of our clients via email, text, or phone to answer questions and give updates. While we have a big firm reputation, we have a small firm dedication to each client.

Types of Personal Injury

Personal injuries can refer to injuries sustained due to dental malpractice, product liability, or assault claims, but they more commonly involve the following types of injuries:

Car Accidents

When your vehicle collides with another vehicle, a pedestrian, an animal, debris, or another stationary obstruction such as a tree, pole, or building, you may face significant injuries and expenses that often include medical treatment and vehicle repairs. Following a car accident that was no fault of your own, it is important to immediately begin working with a New York personal injury lawyer to seek fair and appropriate compensation.

Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents involving a truck or tractor-trailer and caused by the recklessness of others will present additional complex factors that are not present in a regular car accident case. You can be certain that there will be attorneys representing the truck driver, which is why you should partner with a New York personal injury lawyer at our law office immediately.

Motorcycle Accidents

When your motorcycle is involved in a motor vehicle accident at no fault of your own, you will need help in your fight to be fairly compensated in your case. As a client of our law firm, you can be confident that we are bringing the fight to the insurance company.

Premises Liability

An injury from an accident caused by unsafe conditions on someone else’s property often involves a fall on a slippery or uneven surface. Other types of negligence or dangerous circumstances may also lead to an injury or death. In some cases, your accident could amount to a multi-million dollar settlement. Our law office of NY accident attorneys will be happy to guide you through this process as our client.

Dog Bite

Dog owners are generally determined to be liable if their dog hurts you or anyone else. New York personal injury law in this situation provides a means to seek compensation for your medical expenses, your pain and suffering, & much more.

Slip and Fall

A property owner could be liable for damages if you slip, trip, and fall on their property due to their negligence. Working with a qualified New York personal injury lawyer in this situation is important because the Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, or Long Island property owner that you file a claim against will certainly be represented by law firms who are trying to dismiss or settle your case for as little as possible.

Construction Accidents

An injury sustained due to working on a construction site can be life-changing or deadly. In many cases, such an injury will prevent your ability to continue working for some duration of time. Workers’ compensation is available for these types of accidents. Depending on the details of your case, you may also be able to file a lawsuit.

Wrongful Death

Death caused by negligence or intentional actions of another party is known as wrongful death. The NY accident attorneys at our law office are experienced in these cases and are ready to help you fight for the money you need.

Medical Malpractice

When you work with a licensed medical professional, you have every right to expect that they will take prudent and cautious steps to help you work towards a successful recovery. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The New York personal injury attorneys at our law firm are ready to help you fight for fair compensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Law

What types of compensation can be received in a personal injury case?

There are several types of compensable damages that can be received including money for lost wages and career change, property damage compensation, health aids, and home rehabilitation to accommodate for the injuries sustained.

What is the difference between a “personal injury claim” and “personal injury lawsuit”?

A personal injury claim is when you or the law firm you have retained and the at fault party’s insurance company try to come up with a settlement to resolve your claim. Most cases generally do settle out of court. If a settlement can not be reached, a law firm will go ahead and commence a personal injury lawsuit, which simply means taking the at fault party to court.

How much is my case worth?

The value of your case depends on multiple factors such as liability, injuries, insurance coverage, venue, medical bills and etc. Here at The Harrison Law Group, P.C., we will evaluate your case and give you the most comprehensive answer as far as what you can expect regarding compensation.

What should you do after a personal injury accident?

Seek medical attention. Take photos of your injuries, defects and property damage. Keep track of everyone you speak with, take the names, phone numbers and addresses of all witnesses, as this will be useful information for when you hire an attorney. Finally, call The Harrison Law Group, P.C. to see how we can help.

What if I am part responsible for the accident?

Even if you are partially responsible for the accident you may still be entitled to compensation and you should not wait and speak to an attorney right away.

Read More FAQs

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