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A burn injury is a traumatic and painful event that could potentially leave permanent scars on the victim, both physically and emotionally. The pain of the burn is not the only bad thing about this kind of injury; treating it could be expensive as well because expensive medical procedures like skin grafts might be needed. However, if your burn injury was caused by the negligence of another party, then you might not have to pay for any necessary medical procedures out of your own pocket. The reason is that you are entitled to receive compensation from the party responsible for your burn injury. However, you will need the assistance of an experienced New York burn injury lawyer in order to do so. 

The Harrison Law Group can provide you with a dedicated personal injury attorney with years of experience who will fight to get you the compensation you need. We have decades of experience helping people with all sorts of personal injury problems, including burn injuries. We are not afraid to take on the insurance companies so that our clients get the settlement offer they deserve. So if you have suffered a burn injury that was caused by someone else, get in touch with us and we will do everything we can to help you.

Understanding Burn Injuries

The concept of a burn injury may seem easy to understand but there are different kinds and severity of burns that each require different methods of treatment.

Types of Burns

Fire is not the only cause of burn injuries, though it is one of the most common. Other causes of burn injuries include the following:

Thermal Burns – These are caused by a very hot object coming into contact with the skin. Open flames are a common cause of thermal burns as are very hot metals, high-temperature steam, and scalding liquids.

Radiation Burns – The most common type of radiation burn is from the sun or other sources of UV light like tanning beds. They can cause sunburn, which is not necessarily dangerous but can be very uncomfortable. Other sources of radiation like X-rays or the radiation used to treat cancer can cause burns, though that is rare. Rarer still are radiation burns caused by nuclear radiation since very few people will ever come into contact with that kind of radiation source.

Friction Burns – These are fairly common and occur when the skin scrapes against a rough surface. Carpet burns and rope burns are common types of friction burns. The so-called road rash suffered by motorcyclists who crash and slide along the ground is another type of friction burn.

Chemical Burns – Burns caused by strongly acidic liquids or solvents are a common cause of chemical burns. But those types of substances do not just burn the skin, some of them can burn the lungs and respiratory system if their fumes are inhaled. That is why it is necessary to closely read and follow the warning labels on any container of strong chemicals.

Electrical Burns – Any high voltage electrical source can cause this kind of burn. From an electrical socket to exposed wiring to an electric fence to a lightning strike, all can cause electrical burns of varying degrees.

Cold Burns – A cold burn might seem like an oxymoron but frostbite is categorized as a burn. It can be caused by being in cold temperatures for a prolonged period of time or coming into contact with a very cold object for an extended period.

The Severity of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are grouped into six degrees with the severity of the burn increasing with each degree. The first three degrees are more common while fourth, fifth, and sixth-degree burns are relatively rare.

First-Degree Burns

These cause minimal damage and are sometimes called superficial burns; sunburn is a common example of a first-degree burn. They only affect the outer layer of the skin and can be treated at home by soaking the burn in cool water for about five minutes or using an antibiotic ointment. First-degree burns usually heal in about a week and medical treatment is not typically required.

Second-Degree Burns

This type of burn is more serious because the damage extends beyond the outer layer of the skin. With a second-degree burn, blisters form on the skin at the site of the burn. Sometimes the blisters will burst which leaves the burn susceptible to infection. That is why it is important to keep a second-degree burn cleaned and bandaged until it heals. That healing can take about two to three weeks to heal, though some can take longer. 

Skin grafts may be required for particularly bad second degree burns, though this is relatively rare. Second-degree burns can be treated at home using cool water or antibiotic ointment, but medical treatment is required if the burn occurs on a sensitive part of the body like the face or groin.

Third-Degree Burns

A third-degree burn is extremely serious because it causes severe damage to every layer of the skin. Despite their severity, third-degree burns do not necessarily cause pain because the damage is so extensive it might damage the pain receptor nerves. Emergency medical intervention is required to treat third-degree burns because they can cause so much damage. Aside from the direct damage from the burn, there can also be complications from infections, blood loss, and shock, which could lead to death.

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Degree Burns

These kinds of burns are more serious than third-degree burns because they are far more gruesome. They penetrate past the layers of the skin down into the muscles, nerves, tendons, and bones. That means there might not be any pain because the nerves responsible for feeling pain might be destroyed. 

The damage from these kinds of burns is so severe that they may require amputation since there is no way to heal the burned body part. They can also lead to the death of the burned person. These kinds of burns are considered to be serious medical emergencies, which is why emergency services should be called immediately so that they can be treated by medical professionals.

Contact The Harrison Law Group If You Have Suffered a Burn Injury

As you can see, burn injuries range from the mild to the life-threatening and in the more serious cases, significant medical intervention is required. That medical intervention can be expensive, which is why you should get the Harrison Law Group to help you. We will assign a personal injury attorney to you who is laser-focused on getting you the compensation you deserve so that you can get the necessary treatment. So if you have been badly burned because of the negligent behavior of someone else, contact emergency services to get the treatment you need, and then call the Harrison Law Group to get the justice you deserve.

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