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The Art of Listening – Brett Harrison, the Founder and Owner of the Harrison Law Group, Reflects On The Importance Of Understanding Clients’ Needs, Fears & Frustrations

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The Art of Listening - Brett Harrison, the Founder and Owner of the Harrison Law Group, Reflects On The Importance Of Understanding Clients’ Needs, Fears & Frustrations

In recent years, the realm of personal injury law has experienced a significant communication breach in attorney-client relationships. Many law firms in this industry have focused on optimizing dollar and time efficiencies at the expense of communication with clients. This results in a lack of confidence by the client and attorney remorse, “Did I choose the right law firm for me?”

In New York, one attorney stands out from the crowd with his unique approach to client relationships. Brett J. Harrison, the Founder and CEO of The Harrison Law Group, P.C., an injury law firm based in Long Island, New York, has built a successful legal practice by focusing on understanding his clients’ needs, fears, frustrations, and wants.

“All injury lawyers must understand that their clients are undergoing what could be the most difficult situation of their lives,” Harrison said in a recent interview. “How they are going to support their families; how they are going to pay their medical bills; how they are going to bring food to their tables; how and who is going to fix their car; how they are going to continue working.” So many things go through your head after an accident.”

Harrison‘s empathetic approach to law is rooted in his belief that a lawyer’s job extends beyond the courtroom and paperwork but rather starts with understanding your client.

“Our job as personal injury lawyers is to help [clients] reduce that stress off of them and have solutions to their problems,” Harrison explained. “We must help them to take care of all their needs and desires. All that starts with learning how to listen to clients and developing strategies of how to listen better.”

For multiple decades, this philosophy has shaped the way Harrison operates his practice. The Harrison Law Group has implemented strategies to maintain active communication with clients at each stage of their cases.

“The mistake most injury lawyers make is that they think that a free consultation is enough; it is not!” Harrison emphasized. “You must have a strategic plan for maintaining active communication as the case progresses.”

Harrison’s approach to law departs from the model that has become the standard in the personal injury law industry. This law firm owner observes that many law firms have grown complacent about the quality of their services and communication with the people they represent, creating a significant gap between attorneys and clients.

“Most law firms only focus on proving to clients that they are great, that they have the most experience, and that they have the best lawyers,” Harrison said. “However, the focus should not only be on the law firm; it should be primarily on you, the client, and what your needs, fears, and frustrations are.”

This client-centered constant communication approach has proven to be the key to the success of The Harrison Law Group. Over the past three decades, Harrison has assisted clients across the greater New York region, focusing on tort litigation involving insurance and automobiles. His tireless advocacy has led to the recovery of over 400 million dollars in settlements.

“We understand that our clients are in a stressful situation, and this stress leads to inaction,” Harrison said. “[Our clients] are not at their best. Our job is to help them be their best once again and outlast the temporary.”

The Harrison Law Group’s dedication to understanding clients’ needs, fears, frustrations, and wants has set this law firm apart in the field of personal injury law. By prioritizing active communication and empathetic listening, the firm has been able to provide high-quality representation and achieve unrivaled results for its clients.

In a world where personal injury cases can often feel impersonal and transactional, Brett J. Harrison and The Harrison Law Group, P.C. offer a refreshing and effective approach. They remind us that at the heart of every legal case is a human being with unique needs and desires and that understanding these is the key to both strategies and success in personal injury law.

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