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Redefining ROI, With Brett Harrison, The Founder and Owner of The Harrison Law Group

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Redefining ROI, With Brett Harrison, The Founder and Owner of The Harrison Law Group

In his decades-long career as a lawyer, Brett Harrison, the founder and owner of The Harrison Law Group, P.C., has witnessed firsthand the shortcomings of many law firms in the personal injury law industry.

Harrison notes how many law firms have adopted an average mindset when it comes to representing clients. But for this law firm owner, simply winning cases is not enough to thrive in the personal injury law industry.

“I was a partner in another law firm for seven years before opening my own, and I didn’t agree with how most law firms did personal injury. Their standards were average. Everyone did what everybody else did. There were very few leaders who made a difference in people’s/client’s lives,” says Harrison.

With over three decades of experience representing injured people in Long Island, Harrison and his staff are known for their commitment to excellence and their focus on delivering exceptional legal representation to his clients.

The Harrison Law Group, P.C. represents injured people in Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens County, and throughout New York. Harrison and his team have a 30-year history of helping thousands of clients, collecting millions of dollars for accident victims, and becoming New York’s leading injury law firm.

In a recent interview, Harrison talked about the need to overcome what he calls the “it’s-good-enough” attitude that has become prevalent among many law firms. This injury lawyer proposes a new meaning to the concept of ROI. He believes it’s time for the injury law industry to change it’s mindset and prioritize “Return on Intention” instead of “Return on Investment.”

Harrison expresses his contempt for the service standards of many law firms, which limit themselves to doing the bare minimum to settle cases. To him, “average” is nothing more than the upper end of “bad” and the lower end of “good.” However, this “it’s-good-enough” attitude, he argues, is not what a person deserves after suffering the consequences of a serious accident. Harrison thinks that lawyers owe more to clients, particularly in the injury law industry. Clients are the cornerstone of your law practice, without clients you have no law firm. It’s about clients not you the lawyer.

“My formula is different. For me, ROI stands for “Return On Intention,” says Harrison. “If you give clients an average service and lead people with an “it’s-good-enough attitude”, that’s what you will attract to your business.” For me, ROI leads to ROI, meaning Return On Intention leads to Return On Investment (higher settlement).

For Harrison, providing excellent legal representation requires exceeding clients’ needs and expectations. His formula for success is to focus on “Return on Intention.” As he elaborates, sustainable business success can only be attained by focusing on creating an impact in the lives of others.

Harrison encourages law firm owners to build habits that cultivate a culture of excellence. When excellence becomes the service standard, he argues, that’s when law firms can truly grow and thrive.

Inside his law firm, Harrison demands this same level of commitment to excellence from his team. He firmly believes personal injury law is not just about winning a case or collecting a settlement. He has centered his mission around helping people who have been through a traumatic experience that affects their lives from a job, health, family and finances in both the short term and long term, ensuring they receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

Harrison’s approach to personal injury law has undoubtedly paid off. His law firm is today one of New York’s leading and most trusted injury law firms.

The Harrison Law Group has a proven track record of success. This law firm’s legal team has 30 years of experience in defending the best interests of injured people regardless of the type of accident. Whether it’s a car accident, dog bite, slip and fall, or construction accident, Harrison and his team are committed to providing clients with the highest quality legal representation.

As the legal industry continues to evolve, Harrison is confident that his approach to personal injury law will continue to set him and his law firm apart from the rest. By focusing on “Return On Intention” and building a culture of excellence, he believes that he can make a real difference in the lives of his clients and continue to grow his practice in the years to come.

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo,

With Artistic Initiative Agency

The Harrison Law Group, P.C.
445 Broadhollow Rd. Suite 400
Melville, New York 11747
(866) 216-7911

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