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The Mentality That Successful Entrepreneurs Need – With Brett Harrison, Founder & CEO of The Harrison Law Group

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Skill is often acclaimed as the ultimate measure of success. However, Brett Harrison, founder and CEO of The Harrison Law Group, begs to differ. 

“You may be smarter, richer, or even come from a better background,” declares Harrison, “but skill doesn’t matter if you don’t have the will,” 

This philosophy is not just a mantra but the cornerstone upon which Harrison built his law firm, which to this day remains one of the most trusted personal injury law firms in New York.

In a recent interview, Harrison talked about the pillars of his firm’s success in the legal industry.

Harrison’s journey began with a simple yet profound desire: to help people. This aspiration was the seed that grew into the success that Harrison Law Group is today. 

According to Harrison, the importance of a strong will is not just for personal gain; it’s a life lesson with broader implications. He believes that when an individual develops an indomitable will to succeed, that creates a ripple effect that benefits not just the individual but also elevates his family and the community at large through the success that this mentality tends to produce.

Harrison’s approach to will is a holistic method to triumph but also to stand out from the crowd, one that he embodies in every case taken, every client represented, and every life he touches.

“They don’t make statues of average people,” remarks Harrison. “You are put on this earth to be great!”

While skill can be honed through hard work and endurance, Harrison believes that it’s nearly impossible to succeed without the will. This exceptional will is what sets Harrison Law Group apart. It’s not just about winning cases; it’s about the relentless pursuit of justice for each client, ensuring their needs always come first.

“There are plenty of smart people,” says Harrison, “who haven’t done anything in life because they don’t have the exceptional will it takes to succeed.”

Looking to the future, Harrison envisions his firm as the standard of client-centric excellence. This vision is not just a business strategy but a legacy Harrison aims to leave behind to demonstrate that the power of will exceeds skill, wealth, and circumstance.

Natural talent may open doors, but when the stakes are high and the battles fierce, it’s the will that propels you through them. Harrison Law Group is living evidence that success is not just a destination but a journey fueled by the indomitable will to succeed.

By Andre Larrea

Analyze the following links: 

Once you analyzed them, write a 1000-word advertising article for Harrison Law Group, a personal injury law based in the state of New York. Make the article about the fact that in order to succeed in life, having a strong will to do things is necessary because skill is not enough. Emphasize that this mentality is what allowed Brett Harrison to build his successful law firm, Harrison Law Group, and maintain it as one of the most prestigious ones in the state of New York. Mention that the skill can be learned through hard work and endurance, but it is near impossible to succeed without the will. Also, mention that this mentality is not only for the benefit of the individual but for the benefit of his family, his professional life, and the people around him.

Write this in the professional and enticing style of a journalist who writes for Fortune 500 companies.

Include the following direct quotes from Brett Harrison, founder & CEO of Harrison Law Group:

“You are put on this earth to be great. They don’t make statues of average people.”

“You may be smarter, richer, or even come from a better background, but the skill doesn’t matter if you don’t have the will.”

“There is plenty of smart people who haven’t done anything in life because they don’t have the exceptional will that it takes to succeed”

But, before you write the article, ask me five questions about Brett Harrison and Harrison Law Group that will help you write a more insightful article.

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